Leithauser Research

Business Promotion Apps

Leithauser Research creates Android apps (for smart phones, or T-Mobile Samsung phones tablets, etc.) that you can use to promote your business, club, or other organization. The Leithauser Research Business Promotion App (BPA) contains up to four buttons. Each button will display a different screen of information. Each screen can be either a static screen built into the app or a Web site page. One of the four screens (chosen by you) will be displayed automatically when the app is run.

The advantage of a dynamic page is that you can dynamically change it by editing your Web page. The disadvantage is that the app needs to connect to the Internet to display it. A good app should probably contain some static pages and some dynamic pages. Note that although a static page is stored in the app, it is basically a Web page (html file), and therefore can link to a Web page by including normal Web links within the page. That is, you can include a working link to a dynamic Web page within a static page.

Consider the possibilities. You can have one static page (probably the first page) display general information about your organization. You can have one or more other pages display information that you want to be able to change or update frequently. You can change this information simply by changing a page on your Web site. You can also have a button that displays a Google map of where your organization is, and allow people to click on this map to get directions. You can even have a button display an interactive Web page like your Facebook page where people can send you information.

Imagine your customers or club members being able to click on an app on their smart phone, ePad, or other Android based mobile device and instantly get the latest information on your activities. Store customers can get the latest information on sales, club members can get the latest updates on meetings, movie or theater customers can find out what is showing and when, restaurant customers can find out what your specials are, etc.

You can post these apps on your own Web site for you customers or club members to download directly from you, or you can upload the app to the Google store or other major distribution site (or both). This gives you complete control over your app.

You can have your own custom BPA for as little as $100.00. All you have to supply is a list of up to four Web addresses (URLs) for the dynamic pages and/or Web page files for static pages, along with a list of labels you want on the buttons, a graphic file of your logo (if possible) to be the icon for the app.  You can have additional features added to the app at an extra charge to make it more useful and attractive. For example, you could have a specialized calculator or a simple game added to the app to encourage people to download the app. Imagine, for example, a bank providing a compound interest calculator along with a link to you current CD rates.

Contact Leithauser Research at Leithauser@aol.com or call 1-386-738-0418 for more information about having your own BPA custom designed for you.

Click here to download the sample BPA for Leithauser Research. Note: A shorter URL to input into your Android device is lrfiles.com/lrbpa.apk.

Below is a screen shot of the sample BPA for Leithauser Research being run in an onscreen emulator.