Automatic file backup and restore program

    AutoBackup allows you to easily back up critical files. It is particularly useful if you have a specific set of files you need to back up frequently, although it can also perform more general backups. It is also useful if you simply want to routinely copy certain files to a floppy for transport to another computer. You can input a specific list of files that you want to back up. This list can also include general file masks, such as C:\My Documents\*.* (all files in the "My Documents" folder), when you want to backup up an entire group of files. Once you have input this list of files and/or file masks, you can easily make backup copies of all these files at the click of a mouse button. You can even tell AutoBackup to automatically back up all your critical files when you exit Windows (hence the name AutoBackup). Although AutoBackup is particularly useful if you have a specific group of files that need to be backed up regularly, it can also be used as a general backup program. You can tell AutoBackup to simply back up all the files on any drives you select that have changed today, or since any other date you select.

    This program requires Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, ME, or 2000. This program is distributed as shareware. This means that you can download the program and try it for free for 30 days. At the end of that time, if you wish to continue using the program, you must pay the registration fee of $29.00 (volume discounts available). To download Autobackup, click here. This will download an install file, AUBUARC.EXE. Once you have downloaded this file, run it by double clicking on its icon in Explorer or My Computer, or running it using the Run function on the Start menu.
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