Software to protect children on the Internet

Are you concerned about the safety of your child or children on the Internet? Are you concerned that they might be viewing sites they should not be, or just that they are spending too much time surfing the Web? Do you want to restrict or limit how much time your children can play games or surf the Web on their computer? Leithauser Research sells several types of software that can solve these problems.

There are several approaches to the problem of children viewing inappropriate material on the Internet.

One way to protect your children on the Internet is to filter what Web sites they can go to 24/7. Web Site Zapper is a very flexible program that can block Web sites. You can either create a list of Web sites or subjects that you consider appropriate, or a list of sites and subjects you consider inappropriate. If you create a list of appropriate sites, Web Site Zapper will allow your kid to go only to those sites. For example, you can set Web Site Zapper to only allow your child to view sites whose URL (address) ends in .gov (government sites) or .edu (education sites). In addition, you can set Web Site Zapper to allow your child to view any Web page whose title contains certain words that you consider healthy or useful for their school work, such as astronomy, homework, student, school. These sites could be viewed in addition to the sites whose URLs you listed. On the other hand, if you instead set up a list of undesirable Web addresses and subjects, Web Site Zapper will block these sites. For example, you could have Web Site Zapper block any sites with sex, gambling, casino, XXX, or similar terms in the title. This allows broader surfing, but might allow your child to view something you consider inappropriate if you forget to include the term in the list. For more information about Web Site Zapper, click here.

Another approach is to block all Internet access when parents are not around by requiring a password to access the Internet. Internet Password Lock is a  software program for Windows  2000, XP, and Vista (does not work on 95/98/Me/NT) that will restrict Internet access. You can have it block Internet access entirely by disabling your computer's IP address, or block specific individual functions such as Web browsing, email, and Instant Messaging by blocking these programs from running. Internet Password Lock is useful in for business to control Internet use by employees and for parents to protect their children by controlling their Internet access. For more information, click here.

Another approach is to control WHEN your children can surf the Web, to allow you to supervise your child as they surf the Web. One program to do this is Software Time Lock. This program allows you to set blocks of time during which the Internet cannot be accessed on a computer. For example, you could set Software Time Lock to block Internet access from midnight to 6 PM and 11 PM to midnight on Monday through Friday, and from midnight to 9 AM and 11 PM to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. This would prevent your child from accessing the Internet when you are not there to supervise. In addition, you can have Software Time Lock limit or restrict how many hours a day the Internet can be accessed each day of the week, to prevent your child from spending too much time on the Web. In fact, you can have Software Time Lock limit how long ANY program can be used for each day of the week and during which hours of the day these programs can be used. This is useful if you are afraid your child is spending too much time playing games on the computer, or similar problems. You can even have Software Time Lock restrict how long they can use the computer itself for each day of the week. For more information on Software Time Lock, click here.

Another approach is to allow your children to surf the Web wherever and whenever they want, but to monitor them by keeping a record of what sites they visit. You can then check out the sites they visited later and see if you approve of their viewing habits. One program that can do this is Web Surfer Watcher. Click here for more information on this program. If you are not only concerned about their Web surfing, but also how long hey are playing games and other activities on the computer, you can use Computer Use Reporter. It records all activities on the computer, although the reports it generates on Internet activity is not as thorough as Web Surfer Watcher, because it is not as specialized a program. For more information on Computer Use Reporter, click here.

Leithauser Research has a variety of other computer security programs that can be helpful in protecting your children. These fall into categories such as Internet security, access control, and so on. For more information on these, click on the links below.

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