Drawing on the computer screen presentation software for Windows

     Draw-On-Screen is a program that allows you to draw simple images on your Windows screen that appear in front of whatever programs are running. Besides just for fun, it can useful for people who are giving a presentation by projecting a computer screen for a group of people to see. The user can draw circles, arrows, or other symbols on the screen to emphasize or clarify the text or diagrams on the screen. Anything you draw on the screen using Draw-On-Screen does not affect the documents being shown on the screen. The images produced by Draw-On-Screen are simply displayed on the screen, they are not and do not become a part of the data displayed. You can easily erase the images to draw new images. You can also save images to your hard drive and recall them later.

    Draw-On-Screen is available as shareware ($14.98 individual fee, with volume discounts available). Try it for 10 days to see if you like it before you have to pay for it. Just download the install file to your computer, then run the file like a program by double-clicking on the install file in Windows Explorer or My Computer to install Draw-On-Screen. Remember that complete instructions are provided for uninstalling Draw-On-Screen if you decide that you do not like it. Draw-On-Screen runs on Windows 95/98/2000/XP/ME/NT/Vista.

Click here to download the installation program (dosarc.exe).

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