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Program And Internet Rental Software

Program And Internet Rental Software (PAIRS) is a computer program that allows you to easily rent or sell time on your computer. It will block any specific programs or functions (such as Web browsing) that you tell it to until the user inputs a password. It offers two methods for renting time.

In the first method, it will generate a list of passwords for you based on parameters you select. Each of these passwords allows access to a specific computer program or function, or a group of such programs, for a period of time selected by you. The time can be used all at once, or the person can terminate the session early and bank their time  on that password for later. Once it has created a list of these passwords, whenever the computer is turned on, the PAIRS program blocks access to all the programs told it to until someone inputs a password. Each password then allows access to the program for a period of time you selected when you had PAIRS create the passwords. When that time expires, access to the program is again blocked. Each password is deleted from the list of passwords when it is used, so it can be used only once. This allows you to sell the passwords, thus selling use of the computer for specific periods of time.

Using the second method, PAIRS allows you to create and store a list of permanent passwords. Each password can be used an unlimited number of times. When a person gains access to any program using one of these passwords, PAIRS keeps track of how long the person used the program that they requested access to. It can then give a report of how long each person used each program. This report lists each time they signed onto the computer and how long they were on for that session. You can then bill each person for their use of the computer at your convenience.

PAIRS is useful in situations where you want to set up a computer that people can use for specific periods of time, such as an Internet Cafe or computer kiosk. It can also be used in cases where a parent might want to control how long a child uses the computer.

PAIRS keeps two separate running records of when the computer was accessed. One shows the use of the permanent passwords so you can bill each person. The other record shows all accesses to the computer using the rental passwords that are used only once. This can be useful for business records.

    PAIRS is available as shareware for $30 for one license, with volume discounts available. (For information on volume discounts, click here.). Try it for a month to see if you like it before you have to pay for it. Just download the install file to your computer, then run the file like a program by double-clicking on the install file in Windows Explorer or My Computer to install Computer Rental Controller. Remember that complete instructions are provided for uninstalling Program And Internet Rental Software if you decide that you do not like it. Computer Rental Controller runs on Windows.

Click here to download the installation program (PAIRSarc.exe).

NOTE: This program is primarily useful if you keep the computer on your premises. If you actually rent out the computer to another location, or you lease computers or sell then on an installment plan, you might find Computer Payment Enforcer more useful. This is a software program that shuts down the computer if you do not input a new password periodically. You can then give the user this password when they make their payments. For more information about this program, click here.

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